An emotional Tet 2022 campaign healed the pain and damage of a tumultuous year while delivering a positive message of family affection and hopes for a future where love unites people.

Monkey is one of the pioneering English-language brands for children that has more than 10 million users and is a prominent brand in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Unlike other newly launched competitors, Monkey has passed the launching and growth phases. Now, Monkey's prerequisite is to refresh its image and create a deep impression in the minds of its audience, while expanding the market and refreshing the customer base. 

Therefore, Monkey wants to launch a branding campaign to connect more deeply with the audience and expand the customer base to the southern provinces. This campaign is set in the time of Lunar New Year - a special occasion to tell touching stories about family affection and cohesion, connecting people across Vietnam.

The "bokeh" Client carries

Let's “Unblur” the bokeh and turn it into the dot

As a true educator, Monkey's concern is not only about imparting knowledge, but also how to make the children develop comprehensively, in which an important factor is building parents - children relationship.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2021, a time when everyone looks back on a cataclysmic year, the film depicts a traumatic period when many families have to experience loss, at the same time sends positive messages about caring for your family, and a powerful encouragement for everyone to look forward to a new year coming.

In addition to the thought-provoking plot with a meaningful message, we have implemented activities to resonate and spread "the dot" - the campaign such as PR booking, KOLs/Influencers/Hot communities booking, engagement activities.

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic raging and completely changing the lives of Vietnamese families, we choose to exploit the insight: In the time of social distancing, although families spend more time at home together, the distance is surprisingly further away. This gap is getting bigger because parents think that their 24/7 presence is enough while ignoring the fact that the time they spend with their children is not quality enough.

From this insight, Unblur has developed a key message: Parents should not only be guiders but also accompany their children as their close friends. This key message is transmitted through a key hero creative, which is the short film "Our child's best friend". 

The stories of “each home has different problems" from the community are all leading to the final message: family affection and its impact on children.

After 2 weeks of release, the film has achieved impressive outcomes:

Far beyond initial expectations, the short film received thousands of shares not only from parents but also from the mass audience (from 18 to 45 years old) for deep sympathy with the story behind it and the lesson about how to cherish family that the film conveys. Although the main target of the short film is parents, the story has gone beyond and touched the young generation by reminding them of their parents, grandparents, and family.

After all, the success of the campaign does not only lie in the numbers of views, likes, shares or reach, but it is also shown by practical and positive changes in the minds of the audience and community. This is the real dot that the campaign has made from the bokeh.

The final results

7.02 min/ view duration
2.73M views on Youtube

2.08M views on Facebook
1.4M views on Tiktok

191.7K positive engagement & ~7500 comments
~4.8K shares across social media (FB, YT, Tiktok)