A campaign speaks with national pride not only to show gratitude to customers, partners, and employees, but also to every Vietnamese who has been making efforts to make a brave Vietnam.

Participating in a competitive and saturated market like smartphones is considered a bold move by Vsmart. But with the belief and determination to carry out the mission of Bringing technology to billions of users, after only 17 months since its launch, Vsmart has achieved 1.2 million customers and climbed to the top 3 smartphone market share in Vietnam.

Understanding that this success is created by the pioneers who have chosen the brand, Vsmart wants to send gratitude to employees, partners, tech reviewers, and customers who have supported a "rookie" and let Vietnamese technology go far through the campaign.

The real question here is, how can Vsmart's appreciation be both sincere, and creative with the personality of a technology brand?

The "bokeh" Client carries

Let's “Unblur” the bokeh and turn it into the dot

An "always true" insight about Vietnamese people is that Vietnamese people have a very high sense of national pride. From this classic insight, we have found creative ways to convey the personality of the brand to deliver a unique campaign.

From the background story, combined with the brand personality characteristics of "brave", "pioneering", and "national proud", we have built a brand positioning of "Assert Vietnamese technology bravery". This positioning not only links to national pride but also clearly depicts the development path of Vsmart in the past. The campaign "Millions of appreciations" was born to spread and give a completely different transmission for that positioning.

The key point of that campaign is to bring appreciation to the right people in the most unique way. Therefore, special presents were made at the same time to ensure the integrity of the appreciation of the century.

First to thank the public, the Key visual is designed as a picture composited of thousands of real photos of customers, Vsmart employees, and KOLs/ Influencers - individuals who not only make the success of Vsmart but also carry the personality of the brand: Bold, brave, pioneering.

Not only that, with the desire to convey the message of gratitude most completely and emotionally, we collaborated with artists to compose the MV "Cam on ban" with the message: Honoring the strong, brave Vietnamese who are always persistent in pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals. They are the representatives of "Vsmart's pioneers".

Besides, we don't want it to be just a simple thank you card, but we want to express the sincerity of a technology brand to each individual by a personalized gift using AI facial recognition technology. Influencers will receive their gifts, along with a special video: A video of a hero with the recipient's face striding in welcome into the "Vsmart Pioneer Community". At the same time, we have built a first-time-ever interactive AI face-detecting mobile-centered digital platform in Vietnam so that this technological appreciation can reach millions of Vietnamese people.

A special gift honoring the Vsmart's pioneers

Finally, for the campaign to "touch" all Vietnamese, we have partnered with KOLs and Hot communities in the fields of entertainment, E-sports, technology, games and artists performing the "Cam on ban" MV. At the same time, PR booking on major business and technology newspapers: CafeF, GenK is also implemented.

In just 4 weeks, the campaign achieved more than 130 million reaches, 4.5 million interactions, along with thousands of shares, and ads recall increased 16% from both customers and mass audience.

The campaign helped Vsmart's customer base reach 1.6 million people. In 3 days, sales of Vsmart Active 3 products increased by 250% and Joy 3 products increased by 350%.

In particular, the Millions of appreciations campaign has excellently won the MMA Smarties Vietnam 2020 Silver award for Creativity, and also entered the User Generated list of the global MMA Smarties X Prize. (MMA Smarties X: Global top achievement for marketing campaigns that excel and have significant business impact).

Also at MMA Smarties Vietnam 2020, the campaign was shortlisted for many nominations such as: Brand Awareness, Mobile Video, Relationship Building / CRM, Best Use of Mobile To Drive Sales, Innovation & Creativity, Most Engaging Mobile Creative.

Final result

Above all, the greatest award that the campaign won was memorable highlights in the hearts of the audience, reflected in thousands of positive comments about the campaign.

The Millions of appreciations campaign was not only successful in sending gratitude to all the individuals who contributed to Vsmart's triumph, but also a strong expression of encouragement and inspiration to millions of Vietnamese who have contributed to a brave Vietnam.